Chimney Repair Specialists in Hamilton

For over 40 years the professionals at Wm. Townshend LTD have been providing chimney repair service in Hamilton that homeowners trust. Our chimney repairs not only make your home safer, but can also help to prevent damage to your roof, walls, and other parts of your home.

Signs You May Need Chimney Repairs for Your Hamilton Home

The most obvious sign that your chimney needs repairs is if pieces of brick are falling off of it. This is known as “chimney spalling” and is usually a clear sign that that your chimney needs repairs. As a homeowner in Hamilton, the best way to know when you are due for chimney repairs is to schedule routine chimney inspections and maintenance.

Other things to be on the lookout for that might indicate you need chimney repairs include:

  • smoke escaping from the side of your chimney
  • a cracked or deteriorating chimney crown
  • damaged wallpaper around your chimney
  • visibly damaged mortar on your chimney
  • a damaged or even missing chimney cap
  • cracks on the side of your chimney
  • a rusted damper or firebox

Common Chimney Repairs We Perform for Hamilton Homeowners

With over 40 years of chimney repair experience in Hamilton, the crew at Wm. Townshend LTD have likely seen and repaired pretty much any kind of chimney damage that can happen. That being said, there are some types of chimney repairs that are common in Hamilton and just about everywhere.

Chimney Masonry Repairs

The most basic form of masonry repair often referred to as “pointing”. This involves replacing the mortar between bricks in your fireplace not only for aesthetic reasons but to maintain the strength of your chimney. Other types of chimney masonry repairs include replacing damaged bricks.

Repairing a Cracked or Damaged Flue

Also known as chimney liners, flues are typically made of metal, clay, or concrete cast in place. All three have advantages and disadvantages, but one thing they have in common is that they need repairs/replacement over time.

Chimney Cap or Crown Replacements

A chimney cap plays an important role in protecting your chimney and thus your home from our harsh Hamilton weather. A chimney cap repaired or replaced by Wm. Townshend LTD can also help to extend the life of your chimney.

We Also Offer Affordable, Long-lasting Chimney Rebuilds in Hamilton

A lot of things can affect the lifespan of your home’s chimney, and sometimes they need to be rebuilt. That’s why we also offer complete chimney rebuilds as part of our chimney repair services in Hamilton. After you call us for repairs, we will inspect your chimney and recommend a course of action for your chimney. Of course, no work begins without your approval, but we can usually inspect and perform all work on your chimney with minimal intrusion into your busy life.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment with our chimney repair specialists.

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