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Chimney Repairs Burlington - All Gas Liners $350.00

Are you looking for a reliable, professional and friendly company for your chimney repairs in Burlington? Look no further than Townshend Chimney Service! We have been servicing the community for 30 years and counting. When you keep on top of your chimney's needs you can avoid further costly repairs in the future.

Chimneys: Fun Facts

  1. Over 40,000 chimney fires occur every year
  2. More than $23,000,000 in damage occurs every year from chimney fires
  3. Creosote is a black or dark brown substance with a strong acrid odor that forms in a wood burning chimney. It has a consistency from tar like to runny. It is essentially pure carbon, with a gooey covering
  4. A chimney fire occurs when creosote builds up to a point where it clogs or greatly restricts a chimney, the outer coating of the creosote then catches fire, which then ignites the carbon in the creosote
  5. Normal flue temperatures for wood burning is between 93° - 371°C. Carbon burns in excess of 1649°C
  6. You can pray to St. Florian. He is the patron saint of Chimney Sweeps
  7. In German Chimney Sweep is “Schontinfeger”

Chimneys: Folklore

  1. An English King was once saved from death by a Chimney Sweep when the sweep was able to jump out and stop the King’s runaway carriage. The King announced that this was his lucky day and that the sweep made it so. From that day on, many lucky things were associated with a Chimney Sweep
  2. If you see a Chimney Sweep atop a house, that house will be blessed
  3. If you shake the hand of a Chimney Sweep or touch his coat, good luck will rub off on you
  4. If a Chimney Sweep kisses the bride and shakes the hand of the groom it will bring a happy marriage and a fertile union
  5. Children used to steal a few bristles from a Sweep’s brush and carry them for luck.
  6. One theory of the top hat and tails is that sweeps were so poor, they had to beg for clothing. When wealthy undertakers gave the sweeps their cast offs, the black coat and hat suited the sweeps fine in their sooty job
  7. Another theory of the top hat and tails is that poor sweeps were at the bottom of the European society, so they began wearing the top hat and tails to try to upgrade and dignify their profession
  8. In Germany, if a black cat crosses your path, hold your coat button until you see a Chimney Sweep. Lots of buttons were pulled off waiting for the sight of a Chimney Sweep
  9. Chimney Sweeps used to “buy” thin boys to be “chimney climbers”. The Sweep would tie a rope around the boy, give him a brush and lower him into the chimney to clean it
  10. An alternate method of cleaning was also used - a goose was tied by its feet with a rope and lowered into the chimney

For chimney repairs in Burlington, don't hesitate to give us a call and we will be more than happy to come and give you a free estimate on whatever work your chimney requires. Our professional and friendly team can be reached at 416-948-2160‎. Don't wait until your damaged chimney causes unnecessary damage to other parts of your home, call us today!