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Chimney Repair Oakville - Rebuild roof-up $550.00

Are you looking for a reliable, professional and friendly company for your chimney repair in Oakville? Look no further than Townshend Chimney Service! We have been servicing the community for 30 years and counting. When you keep on top of your chimney's needs you can avoid further costly repairs in the future.

How Do You Know When Repairs Need to be Made on Your Chimney?

A ChimScan™ inspection (involves a closed circuit camera attached to a lengthy rod which gives a detailed visual display of the inside of your chimney) shows cracks and other deficiencies that can’t be seen by simply looking down the chimney, even with a light.

A common issue with chimneys in need of repair is cracked flue tiles - it is not easily seen by the average person, but a ChimScan™ inspection can diagnose the problem. Most often, cracked flue tiles can be solved with a stainless steel chimney liner.

Another common issue involving the tiles is when they start "shaling" (thin slices start to flake off the surface inside the chimney). This is visible by simply looking inside the fireplace to see if chips are piling up in the bottom. It is especially common in flues that convert oil to gas heating.

"Spalling" is a term used in similar situation as shaling tiles, the only difference being the location. Spalling refers to the flaking of the bricks on the outside of the house. This issue is very visible as the pieces will land on the roof or in the surrounding yard.

The crown of the chimney is another location that you might see some damage; it is the cement at the top that covers the bricks up to the flue tiles. Cracks in the crown may start small but over time, throughout the freeze/thaw cycle of the changing seasons, you will notice they grow larger and even result in crack missing pieces. When this happens it is likely that water will start to leak into the bricks and liner, causing shaling and spalling of the bricks.

The flashing is another area of concern, it is the metal piece where the chimney meets the roof and it keeps the rain/snow water out. If the flashing isn't properly sealed to the chimney, or has any holes you could see leaking into your house which could cause major damage. This can usually be seen from on top of the roof.

Lastly, the chase cover, which is the metal top on the chase surrounding the chimney pipes, tends to rust fairly quickly. This is most likely due to builders using cheap galvanized pipe. Your best bet is to have it replaced with a stainless steel pipe which will last you much longer.

For chimney repair in Oakville, don't hesitate to give us a call and we will be more than happy to come and give you a free estimate. Our professional and friendly team can be reached at 416-948-2160‎. Don't wait until your damaged chimney causes unnecessary damage to other parts of your home, call us today!