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Chimney Repair Burlington

Chimney Repair Burlington - Rebuild roof-up $1,700.00

Are you looking for a reliable, professional and friendly company for your chimney repair in Burlington? Look no further than Townshend Chimney Service! We have been servicing the community for 30 years and counting. When you keep on top of your chimney's needs you can avoid further costly repairs in the future.

How to Properly Clean Your Chimney

During your annual chimney inspection a qualified chimney sweep should be able to tell you if your chimney is in need of a clean, done by either yourself or the chimney sweep. In general, if the soot lining your chimney walls is 1/8" thick or more, as a simple safety protection measure, a thorough cleaning should be performed. Here's what you will need:

  • A ladder, to get on the roof, for any top-end cleaning that needs to be done
  • A wire brush. These saucer shaped brushes are used to scrape the soot and creosote (a dark brown oil distilled from coal tar, containing organic compounds and used for chimney preservation). Recommended for brick chimneys with clay flues
  • A polypropylene brush. Used as a substitute for wire brushes when you have a chimney that has a stainless steel chimney liner, as the brush won’t damage it
  • Chimney cleaning rods. These need to be used with either brush in order to reach the full length of the chimney. They connect to one another and come in different sizes
  • A chemical spray-on powder. Used to coat the fireplace and chimney walls to break down thick creosote glaze. Spraying this on before a fire ensures that when the fireplace is lit, creosote and soot lose their sticking power and can be easily removed by brushes. The product reduces the flammability of creosote, removes residue odor and absorbs creosote oils.
  • A hand brush, used for any visible/accessible soot and ash around the fireplace opening. Often used for nooks and crannies that the larger brushes can't reach
  • A Shop-Vac to clean up the inevitable mess left behind after your chimney cleaning experience

For chimney repair in Burlington, don't hesitate to give us a call and we will be more than happy to come and give you a free estimate on whatever work your chimney requires. Our professional and friendly team can be reached at 416-948-2160‎. Don't wait until your damaged chimney causes unnecessary damage to other parts of your home, call us today!